Welcome to the Video Game Artwork Wiki!

This wiki is deticated to the artwork of various video games, both modern and those from the past. It was only created a day or so ago, though, so many things need to be added to it. So if you come across the wiki, I would appreciate it if you contributed by adding a page and some artwork, or by adding artwork to existing pages.

Thank you,

SS212 23:49, December 27, 2011 (UTC)

Wiki GuidelinesEdit

If you want to be able to contribute to this wiki, you must obey the following guidelines:

1. Only video game artwork can be uploaded. This includes box art, instruction book illustrations, and overall images, but does not include ingame screenshots.

2. When adding artwork, you must give credit. Remember not to lead to the direct link, for this is considered as hotlinking.

3. Avoid spamming on the page comments.

If you do not follow these rules, disciplinary actions will occur.

Incorrect Character Names?Edit

If you know the character names in the artwork descriptions happen to be incorrect, notify me on the wiki telling me the correct names and I will correct them.